Install and Manage Your Discord Bot with iBot!
It is a customized bot software that allows you to set up, manage and own your own bot on your own server in just 3 minutes.

Advanced Bot Management

IBot, It is a customized bot software that allows you to set up, manage and own your own bot on your own server in just 3 minutes. Making your own Discord Bot is now very easy. What are you waiting for to make a bot from our easy interface panel?

"IBOT has really made my server management very easy. It does all my work on moderation and security for me, and on top of that, it sends everything that happens on my server to the channels I set even though I don't follow it."

Ahmet Efe Çakır

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Advanced Server Report

IBOT is the only platform in the world that provides you with an advanced reporting panel, as well as making your work easier by adding dozens of commands to your bot in 3 minutes.

Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices above 5.5


Features in This Software


Welcome new members to your server.


Easy-to-use registration module


All moderation commands like Ban/Mute/Kick/Jail

Bot Guard

Keeps your server safe from threats

Auto Answer

Let your bot auto-reply for you while you're away

Rank System

Show your difference with advanced rank system in your own bot

Play Music

Listen to music with your own bot in a smooth and enjoyable way without getting stuck

Extra Features

Add dozens of extra features like these and more to your bot instantly.

How Does iBot Work?

IBOT Software is a useful and easy bot software that allows you to register to the system with the bot token you created from the Discord Developer portal, run your bot and upload the software we have developed to your bot.


Automatic Role System

Automatically grant all members joining your server. Make your job easier!


Advanced Statistics System

It provides detailed statistical information about your server, such as Total number of members, number of active members, number of members in voice.


Auto Answer System

You can program it to automatically reply to the messages you specify.


Advanced Moderation Commands

General moderation commands such as kicking, banning, mute, jailbreaking a user on your server


Advanced Moderation Log System

Set up all moderation channels on your server, manage who sees and who can use it.


Advanced Registration System

Your moderation team can easily register new members.


Advanced Ticket System

Set up a customizable ticket system for your users.


Customer Comments

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Some Servers Using iBot

Some well-known servers that keep their own server safe 24/7 with iBot software and actively use many features.